What we Take For Granted

Local Kinsmen Club members are working to donate basic kits of men’s hygiene items for low income individuals accessing Samaritan House Ministries. Initial response to the kits has been very positive. The value of a dry pair of socks can be beyond words.

Members of the Kinsmen Club of Brandon are always looking for service projects to help the community. After meeting with Marla Somersall of Samaritan House to discuss the needs of low income families and people in need, members knew where to direct some of their efforts.

Most of us take the razor, socks and bottle of shampoo in our homes for granted. What happens to those who have to choose between being clean and being fed. Many people struggling to make ends meet cannot afford these basic hygiene items. It is hard to imagine someone who is hungry and at risk of homelessness making a good impression in a job interview when he cannot afford to brush his teeth or shampoo his hair. More likely he will not feel  presentable enough to be considered for employment.

Kinsmen members present kits to Marla Somersall of Samaritan House, February 2014.

Kinsmen members present kits to Samaritan House, February 2014.

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